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Post by Laney Berry on Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:14 pm


I can hardly believe it's already been almost a month since our last meeting, but it's time to announce our latest chat session!

We're going to do things slightly differently this time around, as a lot of backers have expressed to me that the weekends aren't a good time for them. THEN there's the fact that we will most likely be missing a couple of our team members, as-- *shakes maracas!*-- Jon Berry, my dear brother and fellow St. Chris writer, is getting married at the end of the month!

So, given that we will most likely be without Alejandra as well as Jon, this chat will probably be slightly more informal than our previous meetings. As such, we invite you guys to grab some drinks of your choice, a handful of snacks, and to join us for a pre-Halloween gabfest! Don't miss out on the possible unveiling of my (Laney Berry's) St. Chris-themed Halloween costume, either! (Well, that is, if the various accessories arrive in time, cough...)

So, drumroll, please... Our next chat session will be held on...

Wednesday, October 30th, 2pm EDT, 6pm GMT.

(Somebody please tell me I haven't royally screwed up those time zones. All of this daylight's savings stuff confuses the ever-living hell out of me, so if I'm wrong, PLEASE let me know sooner rather than later. Thanks!)

So, come one, come all! Remember, this chat takes place via Skype, as always, and you're only eligible to join us if you are of the Reporter Tier and above. Make sure that you have me added to your contact list (my username is laney.berry), and that you are online AND visible, as I can only invite you to the chat if I can see you!

And finally-- a big congratulations to Jon Berry, for landing the girl of his dreams, AND going ahead and putting a ring on it.

-- Laney "All The Single Ladies" Berry

PS: Do I get to advertise the fact that my birthday is coming up, too...? November 4th, people. I will be expecting lots and lots of virtual hugs!
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